one of the best feelings in the world

is knowing that you made an impact on someone. or you made a difference in their life. sometimes we unintentionally do it, and sometimes its because you wanted to leave your mark, creating an ever lasting effect. people walk around all the time not really realizing that the things they do the things they say have an effect on others. whether you know it or not you are influencing other people’s opinions, actions, etc. sooner or later you may become someone’s inspiration. you will become the person that people look up to. you don’t have to be a leader, or a captain, or a president, or anything you just gotta do you. if you stand up for what you believe is right others around you may certainly agree. im writing this because till this day i remember the first time 2 years ago when someone told me that i made a difference in their life, that i inspired them to be better, that i had made an ever lasting impact. to inspire unintentionally is one thing, to know is another, but to be told that is one of the best feelings in the world. 

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